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Welcome to Biggest Poker

Texas Hold'em No-Limit Poker is the most popular poker game. Here you will find rules of the game, basic and advanced strategies and advices that will help you to win money at the tables.

In terms of online poker, i will be generally speaking about PokerStars, because they are the largest, therefore the best online poker room, that offers most games and limits for you to choose from. Also the biggest player pool is a significant factor in making a choice of where to play.

Innovational "zoom poker" tables are the juice. Quoting "It’s the fastest poker game experience anywhere online". These tables allow you to be dealt in a new hand immediately when you fold, this way extremely increasing your hands/hour rate, which proportionally affects your winnings.

Perhaps you have heard that online professionals play large number of tables, like 10 or 20 at once,so zoom poker tables allow you to play as much hands per hour as the pro's do, playing only 4 tables of zoom poker.

Also a newly installed feature is the mobile poker.With "PokerStars Mobile Poker App" you can play your favorite game everywhere with your apple or android mobile device.


Do you have what it takes to be a successfully poker player? Ever dreamed about your friends watching you on tv as you play the final table of some major tournament with millions in prize money? I bet you did. Most people start playing poker with that dream in their hearts, and fail horribly. Because aside of all the fun stuff lies hard work, much harder than any other work you ever did. Imagine a professional poker players life: each day they play up to 6-8 hours of poker, and the effort put in these hours is as if you would pass final exams every day of month, for months. And at least 1\4 of that time is studying, pure theory.

Yeah, that sounds a bit negative and unattractive, but if you want to be a pro, that's what you are going to live through, want it or not.

But the game of poker can be fun also. To win in your average home game or even at a casino, basic strategies are enough. When i said "pro" i meant mostly online poker pro. It is a known fact, that online poker is much harder to beat than offline, and the best poker minds can be found online.

I needed to mention all that stuff, for you to keep in mind that poker is a very complex game. And it can be a very fun and profitable game, if you will constantly learn to play. Who knows, maybe you are the next Phil Ivey, or Tom Dwan. Only one way to find it out. © Copyright 2013 All rights reserved