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Poker is the favorite card games of all time. There are different varieties of poker that are enjoyed around the world. One of the popular forms of poker is the 7 card poker. 7 card poker is not a very difficult game to learn but it takes a lot of practice to master the different aspects of the game. Here are some tips which will help you to get better at 7 card stud poker.

All the different games have some terms which are particular to that game. So in order to have a better understanding of the game, it is important that you get accustomed to the lingo and the terms used in 7 card poker. For example, a high card is any card from a ten to an ace while a low card can refer to any card between two and nine. A split pair refers to a hand where one card is showing while the other is hidden. The exposed cards which decide which player will start a particular round are called the door cards. So the quicker you learn the different terms, the easier it will be to understand the game.

One of the important tips while playing 7 card stud poker is that you should know when to check so as to get free cards. In seven card poker there are several rounds of betting and if the players bet and call in all the rounds then excessive money will flow into the pot.

In those cases where a player gets a high pair as the hole cards the best strategy is to play a fast and aggressive game so that the player can get as many players as possible out of the game quickly. The player should not give them a chance to improve their hand by staying in the game. So fast play is an important strategy where the player makes a bet, raises and then re-raises.

In a game of 7 card stud poker there are more chances of getting slow play hands than fast play hands. Slowing playing is calling the bets and checking when it is possible to do so. If there is an improvement in your hand then you can change your strategy to fast play. © Copyright 2013 All rights reserved